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Episode 12 – Question Everything

Shooter Dan and I look behind the media reports to see what really is going on with the Tea Party Express.  We also question the new bill that has been introduced into Washington called “National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act of 2011”.  … Continue reading

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Episode 10 – Resistance Is Futile?

In this episode we discuss  the controversial topic of resistance. When, how or is it too late? END-CIV Banned Chinese Commercial Contagion Trailer Don’t be a zombie! Send us feedback and PLEASE go like our Facebook Page!

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Episode 8 – No More Kings

Shooter Dan and I get nostalgic in this episode.  We recall back to a simpler time when we were young, and Schoolhouse Rock was on our Saturday morning televisions.  How true were those videos and how much did they teach … Continue reading

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Episode 6 – Give Liberty A Chance

Don't feed the Zombies

After some minor setbacks, we are back like rebels making trouble!! We cover a range of topics in this episode, from libertarian principles to SSRI drugs, and a very special edition of “When Zombies Attack”.  Don’t miss it!! Some links … Continue reading

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Are You A Zombie?

I don’t mean one of those slow, brain eating, “B” movie zombies that are so fun to watch in the movies.  I’m referring to a real life zombie.  There are several types of real life zombies amongst us.  I know, … Continue reading

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