Are You A Zombie?

I don’t mean one of those slow, brain eating, “B” movie zombies that are so fun to watch in the movies.  I’m referring to a real life zombie.  There are several types of real life zombies amongst us.  I know, because I have been one.

Zombie #1:  These type of zombies are known for their extreme apathy towards things they feel they can’t change, such as their government.  They probably watch the news and are moderately informed about the issues, but they don’t vote.  They believe their vote doesn’t count so why bother?  Over time, their apathy grows.  They begin to watch mindless reality shows, or grow increasingly attached to their local professional sports teams.  They increasingly waste more of their time watching television and contemplating the moves their sports teams make than on things of actual substance.  They live in ignorant bliss of what is really happening in the world, after all who can be concerned with their local government when their team has an actual chance to make it to the playoffs?  They are a fully functioning zombies.  They work and put their money in the bank.  They probably have a 401K, which they think will be enough when they retire.  The worse thing about this zombie is they are usually deep in debt.  They believe things will always be okay.  When you attempt to inform them that things are not as they seem and they should prepare for the possibility of future problems; their normalcy bias kicks in.

Zombie #2:  The second type of zombie are much more dangerous.  These types of zombies dwell in more impoverished areas of society.  They have a general mistrust of outsiders, authority figures, and politicians.  They know the current financial and government systems are corrupt.  They live with it everyday.  They either see the hustlers on the street, or they’re a hustler themselves, so they recognize the bankers and politicians as what they truly are.  Drug addicts, pimps, prostitutes, con-men, drug dealers, and gangbangers see the truth behind the corruption.  “Game recognizes game” as they say.  Any of these people will understand the truth for what it is, but since their lives revolve around surviving day to day, they have little time to invest in things that really matter.  It’s interesting to note that if there is a calamitous breakdown in the social order, these zombies will thrive.  They are already conditioned to living in hardened conditions.  These are the zombies that will be on the hunt for resources; your resources.

Don’t be a Zombie, stay informed and teach others.

Learn about longterm food storage, alternate food sources such as gardening and most of all, buy a firearm and learn how to use it through professional training.

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