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Episode 21 – Wake UP!

Hello! to the whole LOZ Posse!  So you didn’t think we were going to get another podcast out? HAHA! Shooter Dan and Chuck D are back in the saddle once more!  It was too long between podcasts and we will … Continue reading

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Episode 18 Collapse is Imminent

Well we are Back! After a brief hiatus we locked the gates to the EZK Compound, entered the Battle Station to record another episode of the Liberty or Zombie Podcast! It has been a while, but Shooter Dan and I … Continue reading

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Episode 16 – MorTiS NoCTu

Here is the list of Senators that have committed treason with passing of S.1867. H.R. 1540 is the House version. It now makes indefinite detention and police work by our military on America citizens legal, which doesn’t mean it’s lawful.Hope … Continue reading

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Episode 10 – Resistance Is Futile?

In this episode we discuss  the controversial topic of resistance. When, how or is it too late? END-CIV Banned Chinese Commercial Contagion Trailer Don’t be a zombie! Send us feedback and PLEASE go like our Facebook Page!

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Are You A Zombie?

I don’t mean one of those slow, brain eating, “B” movie zombies that are so fun to watch in the movies.  I’m referring to a real life zombie.  There are several types of real life zombies amongst us.  I know, … Continue reading

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