Episode 24 – Effigy Rising!

What's up with the Effigies?

What is up with the Effigy?

Well it is about time we got back on the microphones.

We hope all is well with everyone.  Here is another installment of the LOZ Chronicles narrated by Shooter Dan and Chuck D.

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Missed you all and it’s so good to be back doing the podcast.

With Liberty!

Chuck D and Shooter Dan

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Episode 23 – LeVeL UP!

Flag Currently Flying in the Battle Station

It’s been a while, YES WE KNOW…..and it shows on this PODCAST! We are a little slow and it takes a while for this Donkey to pick up speed.  Once the Donkey was released from the corral, it ran wild and we never had control of it.  It will get better!

A lot has been going on the last two months in our personal and work lives, but that is NOT an excuse to leave all you guys hanging! (or maybe it is)

Shooter Dan and Chuck D have been brainstorming for a new project called The LeVeL UP Firearms Podcast.  Seems strange that we are starting a NEW podcast when we can’t get this one out on time…..but that is going to change!

We have a lot of interesting things coming up on the Liberty or Zombie Podcast.  We are not going to ever stop doing this one.

Thanks to Freddie Girard and all the contributors to our little show.  It is so appreciated and we LOVE hearing from you guys.

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Love all you guys,

Chuck D and Shooter Dan

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Episode 22 – Data Connection Established

The Battlestation remodel is almost done, but that didn’t stop us from having our first ever guest.  Local boy Chester stops in to drop some data on the unsuspecting zombies.  It was fun, and we hope to have him back.

The possibility of a calamitous event is discussed and whether it’s more likely than a government police state take over.  Heavy stuff but we hope you enjoy it.

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With Liberty Always,

Chuck D and Shooter Dan

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Episode 21 – Wake UP!

Hail to the Chief!

Hello! to the whole LOZ Posse!  So you didn’t think we were going to get another podcast out? HAHA!

Shooter Dan and Chuck D are back in the saddle once more!  It was too long between podcasts and we will do our best to remedy that travesty.

Have fun listening…and be sure to get in touch if you want your free stickers.  Details are in the podcast….so yes, you have to listen!

Love you guys and girls,

With Liberty Always,

Shooter Dan and Chuck D

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Enjoy Some Mortis Noctu FORT KNOX

Mortis Noctu - Where's the Gold?

Please forgive us for the delay in our Podcasts.

In the meantime, I have been upgrading from Podpress to Powerpress so, this post is just a test to make sure everything is OK with the RSS feeds.

Please enjoy Mortis Noctu and a song he wrote for us titled Fort Knox – Where is the Gold?

Thank you and we will be back with another episode of the Liberty or Zombie Podcast real soon!

Chuck D and Shooter Dan

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