Episode 9 – Welcome To The Plantation

tyranny alert

The Master's House

Our liberties in America are in decline.  We work and try to provide a decent life for our families, but in reality; the only people benefiting from our hard work and labor is the cultural, social, and political elitist.  Some of the wealthiest individuals are the very ones that are able to write our laws, preside over our futures, and profit from our existence.  They use the power and force of government to tax us, and use this tax money to support lifestyles that are unknown to us.

When you profit from others people labor, especially by use of force, it can be called nothing else but slavery.  We do not have the freedom to “OPT OUT” of the current tax system.  If you do, well you must pay the penalty of either fines or incarceration.  Noncompliance is not an option.

We are all slaves in the field.  Welcome to the plantation.


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