He Wants Our Guns

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Gun Grabber

Grabbing Guns by Stealth

By: Charles Daniels


Will he get our guns is the biggest question for me concerning the 2012 presidential election.  He has stated he is working under the radar on gun control measures.  Obama knows it is political suicide for him to push gun control legislation during his first term.  His chances for reelection to a second term would be substantially diminished if he were honest about his intentions for gun control.

This administration will use whatever “under the radar” tactics it can to achieve its goals of complete disarmament of the American People; up to and including the United Nations’ small arms treaty. If this treaty is ratified by the Senate, it could have long term effects on our rights as lawful gun owners.  Is this the “under the radar” gun control measures that our President is referring?  Or does he have something more nefarious in mind?  Using the UN as political cover to achieve the progressive dream of complete disarmament is despicable.  If President Obama is elected to a second term, his agenda of gun control will no longer be “under the radar”.

In order to educate yourself, or others, please click here for true gun control information.


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