Episode 22 – Data Connection Established

The Battlestation remodel is almost done, but that didn’t stop us from having our first ever guest.  Local boy Chester stops in to drop some data on the unsuspecting zombies.  It was fun, and we hope to have him back.

The possibility of a calamitous event is discussed and whether it’s more likely than a government police state take over.  Heavy stuff but we hope you enjoy it.

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With Liberty Always,

Chuck D and Shooter Dan

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6 Responses to Episode 22 – Data Connection Established

  1. Good show guys, I saw that post about 9 meals away, what an eye opener!
    how do we get the stickers?

  2. On you last Podcast you were talking about if a State decided to succeed, I listened to a free audio book years ago that had a plausible reason and outcome of what would happen. You might give it a listen if you have time. here’s the link.

    Keep up the Good Work

  3. Great show guys! I’d tell you that more often but my Android phone won’t let me post a comment.
    And what did you name the dog?

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