Episode 23 – LeVeL UP!

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It’s been a while, YES WE KNOW…..and it shows on this PODCAST! We are a little slow and it takes a while for this Donkey to pick up speed.  Once the Donkey was released from the corral, it ran wild and we never had control of it.  It will get better!

A lot has been going on the last two months in our personal and work lives, but that is NOT an excuse to leave all you guys hanging! (or maybe it is)

Shooter Dan and Chuck D have been brainstorming for a new project called The LeVeL UP Firearms Podcast.  Seems strange that we are starting a NEW podcast when we can’t get this one out on time…..but that is going to change!

We have a lot of interesting things coming up on the Liberty or Zombie Podcast.  We are not going to ever stop doing this one.

Thanks to Freddie Girard and all the contributors to our little show.  It is so appreciated and we LOVE hearing from you guys.

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Love all you guys,

Chuck D and Shooter Dan

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4 Responses to Episode 23 – LeVeL UP!

  1. OK, so now that Romney is now the “official” GOP nominee, is it wrong that I actually WANT Obama to win?

    What a fucking joke. The GOP – and the Nation – deserves what happens in the next 4 years.

    We need a LOZ podcast…like…now! We need to hear other people who are as pissed off as we are!

    • DON’T WORRY! We are coming back in full force…and to tell everyone MORE of why this corrupt political system is BROKEN!!!!

      And you are right

      It is a FUCKING JOKE!


  2. Hey boys, it’s good to hear your voices again!
    So what all do you have to go through to get an FFL permit anyway? And is it for both of you or just one?
    I’m betting that there will be a loooong delay before they grudgingly give it to you.

    • Yea, We hope there isn’t a LONG delay. What do you have to go through? Well, listen to our new podcast when it comes out…lol We are going to talk all about it. Basically, theres just an application and fees, but there is an actual ATF interview as well. We should know something within 6 to 8 weeks. *crosses fingers* We are glad to be back recording too….hopefully it will get better than episode 23! Damn we were rusty! lol Thanks for listening!

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