Episode 4 – Consolidation of Federal Power

Thanks to all who have listened so far, we really appreciate the support.

It’s time for Shooter Dan and myself (Chuck D) to turn it up a notch!  We think we were able to do just that in this episode.  You don’t want to miss this one!

New Facebook Fan page and now on Itunes as well!  It’s been a busy week, so I hope you sit back, enjoy this episode as much as we had bringing it to you.

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Thanks Everyone,

Chuck D and Shooter Dan


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One Response to Episode 4 – Consolidation of Federal Power

    EvelinOlivia says:

    American government delivering guns to mexican drug dealers sounds very familiar to me. The greatest brazilian drug dealers use guns from brazilian Army and Police. In 2005 a referendum about the disarmament of the citizens took place, but the victory of No was in vain: the Disarmament Act of 2003 is still in force. It was a true theatre play. After that shocking crime in Rio de Janeiro in April of 2011 the demagogues came back with the speech of the disarmament of the citizens again. I guess it has a lot to do with the PNDH 3 (National Plan of Human Rights 3) our very brazilian version of the New World Order to be in force in the auspicious year of 2012.

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