Episode 5 – Did You Know Our Government Lost an Atom Bomb?


Could This Happen Here?


We’re back with episode-5 of the Liberty or Zombie podcast.  We would like to thank everyone for listening.

Special thanks to Arizona Watchman for tipping us off to the story.

Special thanks also goes out to Jason Phelps of the Empty Mags Podcast as well.

In this episode we have another segment of “When Zombies Attack” and Shooter Dan does a gun review for the Springfield XDm in 9mm. We think you’ll enjoy them.

Stick around for the end, there is a special treat directly following the episode.

With Liberty Always,

Shooter Dan and Chuck D


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One Response to Episode 5 – Did You Know Our Government Lost an Atom Bomb?

    EvelinOlivia says:

    So many issues in only one podcast and I have more than one to comment… First, this event about a lost and forgotten H bomb in the USA reminds me a story told by that RPG INWO and some news I’ve read on a couple of brazilian anti – New World Order websites. This is very serious news, indeed. Second, about the government being the biggest employer in a contry, unfortunatelly the brazilian dream is to pass a public contest in order to become a civil servant. The only time in my life I ever wanted to be a civil servant was in my teen years and in the beggining of Law School because I wanted to be a criminal judge. It was a dream that has never come true (nowadays I thank God for that) inspired by italian judges who have fought, and some even died, against Mafia. Besides that I don’t want to be a civil servant. My sense of liberty and the awarenesss of how Brazil really works speak louder.
    Third, it’s so weird how a government can label people who are political as terrorists! This is a true inversion of values! This is the end not only of the Republic, but also of the Democracy!

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