Episode 6 – Give Liberty A Chance

Don't feed the Zombies

After some minor setbacks, we are back like rebels making trouble!!

We cover a range of topics in this episode, from libertarian principles to SSRI drugs, and a very special edition of “When Zombies Attack”.  Don’t miss it!!

Some links to the subjects we discussed.

http://www.petitiononline.com/FLOC2A/ — The link for Open Carry Petition in Florida sent in by Oscar in Miami

Good To Be King by Michael Badnarik — you can also search youtube for a lot, if not all, of the lectures given by M. Badnarik.

Innocents Betrayed by the JPFO and other great resource material

Oath Keepers — Do you know someone in the military or law enforcement? Have them visit Oath Keepers.

What is a Libertarian? — Frequently asked questions concerning a libertarian point of view.

By the way, you are a zombie if you don’t go and “like” our facebook fan page. You don’t want to?……where is my machete?

Don't feed the Zombies

Just one a day makes your cares go away


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2 Responses to Episode 6 – Give Liberty A Chance

    riseandshinerabbitry says:

    great podcast ,listened to every one ! while in the rabbitry even the rabbits like it! keep up the great work got me looking up info on you tube thanks rick

    • Thanks Rick,

      Appreciate the kind words and be sure to let your friends know about us…always looking for new listeners.

      Watch out for episode 7!! coming in a few minutes…
      It’s a GOOD ONE!

      Chuck D

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