Episode 12 – Question Everything

Question Everything

Question Everything

Shooter Dan and I look behind the media reports to see what really is going on with the Tea Party Express.  We also question the new bill that has been introduced into Washington called “National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act of 2011”.  On first glance it appears it is something much needed in this country.  Upon further inspection, it is in its early stages and Congress has yet to get its greedy fingers into it.  Will it even look like the original once it has passed both houses?  Why would President Obama even sign it into existence?  If so, what would gun owners have to give up in return?

Question Everything!

The zombies behind the scenes are capable of adding anything to this in order to achieve bi-partisan support.

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One Response to Episode 12 – Question Everything

  1. In Brazil the reform of the politic law is currently debated by the congressmen, including the decrease of the numbers of the parties. In USA a third party can’t come and exist! This machiavellian philosophy of dividing to conquer isn’t democratic and is also incomprehensible.
    It’s in fact hard to trust in media. I’ve been always suspecting media, but I trusted in scientific news. The very Climategate was the last nail in the coffin. My relationship with the media was never the same anymore since then. I felt betrayed and robbed, it was totally revolting.
    About Ron Paul the media manipulation goes on even in Brazil. The biggest and most watched channel Rede Globo totally ignored Ron Paul in a news about american election for President. And this same channel manipulated two elections: one for Governor of the State of Rio de Janeiro in 1982 and another for President in 1989. Why Globo would manipulate news of a foreign country election for President?

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