Episode 13 – Protests And Douchebaggery

…there surely is enough of each to go around.

How much fun is it to make fun of the Occupy WallStreet protesters?

It is a fascinating phenomenon this #occupywallstreet #OWS.  Is the Right going after them to avenge how the Tea Party was treated?  Remember, the Republicans wasn’t exactly for the Tea Party, and in some cases, still aren’t.  Is the Left really trying to co-op the #OWS?

Who cares if they are?  It is their Constitutional right to protest and we should be defending their right to assemble, even if we disagree with the direction they want to take.  If you don’t like their message of more centralized government control of Wall Street, then get out there and protest the Occupy Wall Street protesters.  You can’t shut them down just because you don’t like what they say. It is constitutionally protected free speech.  Criticism is also protected.

Are you Anti-Free Speech?  We are not, and whether we are for the #OWS or against the #OWS, it matters not.  We are for them assembling and letting their voices being heard, even if they are a little misguided or idealistic.  We believe they should be occupying government centers of power.  More can be done there than at Wall Street, but hey, that’s just our opinion, which is still protected free speech.

On other constitutional issues, the Obama Jobs Bill has some rather unsavory sections inserted into it that destroy the State’s 11th amendment protections.  Why this matters?  Listen to our Podcast and find out.  Can anyone say BACKDOOR gun control?  Of course we would be remiss if we didn’t address Project GunRunner once more…Eric Holder needs to be indicted.  PERIOD.

We begin the first in a series of segments on the Eugenics movement of the early 20th century and how it has shaped the political landscape all the way into the present day.  We hope you find it entertaining and informative.  Even though its hard to make such horrorific ideas entertaining…we tried.

And of course we have another edition of WHEN ZOMBIES ATTACK.

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The Tree of Death

The Tree of Death

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  1. Lew Rockwell’s site had a great article on this by Anthony Gregory – I think it hits the nail squarely on the head:


  2. You find such great music for your shows. Is there any way you could start posting in the show notes info about the music found in each episode and how we can find it?

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