Episode 14 – Something Is Afoot!

Shooter Dan and Chuck D dropping knowledge from the Battlestation deep inside the EZK Compound!

United Nations Agenda 21 is front and center on this podcast along with the increased militarization of our local police departments.


Something is Afoot!!!

In Memory of David Akeman AKA “Stringbean”

It's For Your Safety..Do Not Worry

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  1. Agenda 21…Interesting! This malthusian issue is not new to me. Most of the environmental management books talk about overpopulation on planet Earth and how harmful it is for Gaia. Today I did Anthropology exam at college. Professor has taught us something that puts environmental madness upside down! Brazilian anthropologists have discovered American Indians have no word for Nature in their language! All human beings, animals and the Supernatural have spirits, all share Culture! Amerindian worldview believes in Multinaturalism, not in Multiculturalism! Ironically the result is more respect for the environment. Brazilian archaeologists have been discovering Rainforest was sown by the Indians thousands years ago! Even the soil isn’t natural! The dark soil and the mulatto soil were all made by the Indians when they have burnt organic material. Crazy, isn’t it?
    Anthropology and Archaeology are fascinating! And unmask the Green Movement!

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