Episode 16 – MorTiS NoCTu

Our Only Hope!

Here is the list of Senators that have committed treason with passing of S.1867. H.R. 1540 is the House version. It now makes indefinite detention and police work by our military on America citizens legal, which doesn’t mean it’s lawful.Hope you enjoy this podcast!  We did our best at making such dire warnings entertaining, but we have to tell you…. it’s really hard to do!!

Unfortunately, the only hope we have is a Veto by the Executive Dictator himself.  Don’t bet your last loaf of bread on it happening though.

What do you do when the Government sends out a notice to your hosting company to take your site down because it doesn’t like what you say?  This happened to our friend.  Here is a link to the details concerning threats received by our government.  www.usahitman.com

Until Next time…. Remember!! If you don’t Know your RIGHTS, then you don’t have any.

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One Response to Episode 16 – MorTiS NoCTu

  1. After so long time… I’m back! Now it’s 2012 and the Martial Law is already reality, ironically it was approved on the Bill of Rights Anniversary. Now I wonder: is it still worthwhile to travel to USA? I’m not a terrorist of course, but… America is becoming a very dangerous country to be. And it’s a brazilian woman who is talking! I tell people about Martial Law, but the most of them doesn’t believe in me! They may think I’m nuts!
    And as a brazilian citizen I can tell you the experience of a militarized police. It’s much more aggressive and dangerous. They are ready to go to war, not to fight the crime. They are racist and are prejudiced against the poor too. Some militar policemen form death squads to simply kill whoever they please, they commit killings very naturally. They had even already killed a judge last year. So our experience with militar police has been the worst possible and we don’t know how and when we will be able to abolish it.
    I wonder why someone who stocks food for at least seven days is a terrorist… I imagine a hyperinflation scenario in USA… does the government want people to starve? or to plunder markets or to make riots for food? Because food stocks are mandatory in periods of inflation and hyperinflation! And not for only seven days, but for a whole month at least! I remember when I was a little girl my parents used to go to supermarkets to buy food for thirty days! because the hyperinflation in Brazil was simply wild and astronomical.
    So, all I wish you American people is…good luck!

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