Episode 17- OathKeepers and a Roadgunner

Not On Our Watch

 There are only two things we should fight for. One is the defense of our homes and the other is the Bill of Rights.”

Marine General Smedley Butler

It is time for everyone to stand up and take notice of the treasonous acts being perpetrated by the United States Congress.  We are fortunate to have groups such as OathKeepers.Org staying on top of the traitorous actions of our federal representatives.  Please support them and read about the latest initiative being organized in order to stop the tyranny from spreading.

Also in this podcast I talked briefly about the TSA VIPR Units.  OH! Excuse me, I meant the “Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response” teams that are being used to harass American Citizens everywhere.  They will be coming to a town near you!  They are requesting MORE of your tax dollars in order to harass YOU more often.  How about that for some great circular logic?  You fund their harassment!! Damn! These big government politicians are good! In order to throw gasoline on to the fire, remember that now the TSA are members of the AFL-CIO!  So not only will you fund their programs now, but also their retirements and they will strike and lobby for as much of your tax dollars as they can get. The TSA has unionized, now that is sad.

Oh yea, and they will get everything they want!  You can’t have such an important department as the TSA (Theatrical Security Agency) going on strike! We would be so unsafe if that happens!  This entire agency is a scam and a sham!

We have a better idea.  More guns in trained citizens hands.  We will look out for ourselves.  We don’t need to outsource our security into the hands of a bunch of idiots from the union!

Also in this podcast is an interview we did with the Un-Named Trucker and his Un-Named son.  We are horrible at interviews, but hey…it was a lot of fun meeting another second amendment fundamentalist out there! Mr. Trucker was a blast and my only regret is not posting this sooner!

Shooter Dan is visiting family in South Carolina, so everyone give him a shout out on twitter or our facebook page!  I really need him back, this was harder to do solo than I thought!


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