Episode 18 Collapse is Imminent

Zombie Defense

Well we are Back!

After a brief hiatus we locked the gates to the EZK Compound, entered the Battle Station to record another episode of the Liberty or Zombie Podcast!

It has been a while, but Shooter Dan and I have decided to be more regular with our podcasts, now that the fateful year of 2012 is upon us.

We talked about a lot of stuff in this episode and the coming collapse, our prognostications of the upcoming presidential contest, and myriad of other things that we hope you will look further into.

Shooter Dan’s apocalyptic vision of hordes of SSRI zombies coming to take your preps once they can’t get their hands on the medication they need.  We aren’t the only ones that think this; here is the website we discussed.  Scary Scary stuff.


Be sure you go to our FACEBOOK PAGE and interact with us, and Shooter Dan said he was going to start interacting more often too!!

See you guys soon!!!


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  1. All I must say is… we are living in interesting times… I mean… very dangerous indeed!

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