Episode 19 – The Harvesting

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Sometimes things just don’t work out as they are intended.  With all the Occupy Wall Street protests, did unfortunate consequences occur that could affect all of our free speech rights?  The Government have made moves against your protected speech with the implementation of HR-347, so the question is: What is your next move?

The encroachment of our rights is quickening to a pace that is down right scary.  Please read this article about the Nazification of America and connect the dots for yourself.

Be sure to sign up for our President’s TRUTH TEAM in order to become a snitch too!  They need to cull the herd of humanity…so be sure to help them out!

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  1. Have you heard episode 20 intro yet???? :-)

  2. This intro is the most bad ass intro eva! By the time the into music and sirens were going off, I was ready to whoop some ass!

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