Episode 20 – Consent of the Governed

Is it time to just reboot the system?

From our Battlestation on the EZK Compound, Shooter Dan and Chuck D once again blast away at the media controlled reality that permeates the public debate.

Since the inception of our Republic, one central question has repeatedly been asked, “What is the role of Government?”

Does the government really need the consent of the governed anymore?

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3 Responses to Episode 20 – Consent of the Governed

  1. I just found your PODCAST, love it. Most of the other like it are to serious and hard for someone who isn’t really deep into this shit to understand.
    Keep it up. From somewhere in the West Florida Republic.

    • Sweet!
      Eest florida huh? We should get together and do some training!

      • Actually it’s SE Louisiana. But we used to be known as the West Florida Republic in the early 1800’s. ( Before Texas) But that’s another subject. Still love the show and am waiting for the next. I’ve already listened to the other 20.

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