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Big Brother Is A Bully

  Charles Daniels 7-1-11 Liberty of Zombie The over-reaching hand of an out of control government knows no limits.  It is greedy.  It is hungry for more power.  Every government agency must justify its existence.  It goes forth among the … Continue reading

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Introduction-Podcast Episode 1

Well, its been a long time coming, but our first inaugural episode is here.  We don’t talk about much but ourselves, but don’t let that stop you from listening.  Shooter Dan talked about Michael Badnarik’s DVD collection called “Good to … Continue reading

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Saving American Liberty-words from the past-1959

I came across a collection of videos on youtube from Libertypen. In this video, Ayn Rand’s words are still relevant as much today as they were in 1959.  Please take the time to watch this short clip and if you … Continue reading

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Are You A Zombie?

I don’t mean one of those slow, brain eating, “B” movie zombies that are so fun to watch in the movies.  I’m referring to a real life zombie.  There are several types of real life zombies amongst us.  I know, … Continue reading

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What Is Liberty?

Wednesday, 15 June 2011 It is hard to grasp the concept of liberty in today’s society because we have so little true liberty by which to compare.  The basis of liberty is in understanding self ownership.  That’s right-you own yourself.  … Continue reading

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