Episode 6 – Give Liberty A Chance

Don't feed the Zombies

After some minor setbacks, we are back like rebels making trouble!!

We cover a range of topics in this episode, from libertarian principles to SSRI drugs, and a very special edition of “When Zombies Attack”.  Don’t miss it!!

Some links to the subjects we discussed.

http://www.petitiononline.com/FLOC2A/ — The link for Open Carry Petition in Florida sent in by Oscar in Miami

Good To Be King by Michael Badnarik — you can also search youtube for a lot, if not all, of the lectures given by M. Badnarik.

Innocents Betrayed by the JPFO and other great resource material

Oath Keepers — Do you know someone in the military or law enforcement? Have them visit Oath Keepers.

What is a Libertarian? — Frequently asked questions concerning a libertarian point of view.

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Don't feed the Zombies

Just one a day makes your cares go away


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Episode 5 – Did You Know Our Government Lost an Atom Bomb?


Could This Happen Here?


We’re back with episode-5 of the Liberty or Zombie podcast.  We would like to thank everyone for listening.

Special thanks to Arizona Watchman for tipping us off to the story.

Special thanks also goes out to Jason Phelps of the Empty Mags Podcast as well.

In this episode we have another segment of “When Zombies Attack” and Shooter Dan does a gun review for the Springfield XDm in 9mm. We think you’ll enjoy them.

Stick around for the end, there is a special treat directly following the episode.

With Liberty Always,

Shooter Dan and Chuck D


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Episode 4 – Consolidation of Federal Power

Thanks to all who have listened so far, we really appreciate the support.

It’s time for Shooter Dan and myself (Chuck D) to turn it up a notch!  We think we were able to do just that in this episode.  You don’t want to miss this one!

New Facebook Fan page and now on Itunes as well!  It’s been a busy week, so I hope you sit back, enjoy this episode as much as we had bringing it to you.

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Thanks Everyone,

Chuck D and Shooter Dan


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Episode 3 — General Gun Talk

We talk guns.

We also mention briefly about the use of airsoft pistols for training and tease an upcoming episode when Shooter Dan does a full review of the Springfield XDm full size pistol in 9mm.

Another segment of “When Zombies Attack” is also on the agenda.

Please get in touch with us through email — lozpodcast@gmail.com

With Liberty Always,

Shooter Dan and Chuck D


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Episode 2- Independence Day Thoughts on Liberty

It’s July 4th, and since most people are celebrating the birth of our nation, we decided to talk a little about liberty.  We try to have some fun, but here it is in all its glory, including the first installment of “When Zombies Attack”.

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Thanks to all who listen, and be sure to recommend us to a friend.

With Liberty Always,

Shooter Dan and Chuck D

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